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Sasquatch News

2013 Hunting Stamp Unveiled
May, 2012
2013 Sasquatch Sightings
2013 sasquatch stamp

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With a nod to the exuberant support of northern hunters, the 2013 stamp features a white yeti.
Due to the legal expenses of 2012, stamp prices had to be raised a small amount, but the stamps are ready and the lottery is now open.

State Departments Hurt By Closure
March 15, 2012
Saquatch News 2013
no 2012 sasquatch revenue

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Many wildlife programs are put on hold without funding based on sasquatch hunting revenue.
Millions of dollars were being counted on for habitat restoration and other environmental projects, but those dollars won't be available this year.
2012 Season Suspended
February 7, 2012
For the past 9 months, our web server has been under constant denial of service attacks by the Sasquatch Free League and other anti-hunting organizations with deep pockets. We've finally hardened our website enough to foil their continuing attempts, but response may continue to be sporadic in the months to come.
These groups were also, through dubious back-room dealings, successful in placing a legal barricade against the 2012 Sasquatch hunting season. This was a tremendous blow to the American Sasquatch Society, but we've weathered the storm. Thanks to many volunteers that value the freedom to hunt, that legal barricade has been overturned and there WILL BE a 2013 Sasquatch season across the country!

We will soon have the 2013 hunting stamp and lottery applicatons ready, so please be a bit patient and check back in May.
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